Etre bien accompagnés pour ce moment unique

Cérémonie laïque franco américaine au Château des Ormes, 86, Centre Val de Loire
Cérémonie laïque BILINGUE ANGLAIS- FRANCAIS au Château des Ormes (86), le 20 aout 2022

“Dominique and I really were touched by your ability ro read us like an open book.

Everyone was moved by your speech, and some even shared it was an opportunity for them to reflect on their own couple…

You also did a great job switching between French and in English during the ceremony!”

« Alexa conducted our wedding ceremony at Chateau des Ormes in August 2022, and we can only recommend her. We planned our ceremony with her from the US over video calls and emails.

Alexa paid great attention to understanding the inner workings of our relationship.

She delivered a ceremony reflecting us, full of emotions, and performed seamlessly in French and English.

Finally, we received a lot of positive feedback from our American and French guests about Alexa’s performance. »


Crédit photo : Camille Dufosse